Lyrica addiction

Lyrica is not a substance meant for use by everyone. Lyrica contains pregabalin, which is an analgesic, and is useful in managing nerve pain especially in diabetic patients. This is also used to manage the pain that follows shingles. It is usable with other medicines for seizure. The most of the common side effects of Lyrica are dizziness, drowsiness and weight gain. People who use Lyrica on sustained basis lose power of concentration. When people take alcohol simultaneously with Lyrica they feel more sleepy. This means that Lyric and alcohol affect the brain in the same manner. Therefore, there are ample chances that one can get addicted to Lyrica due to prolonged use of this drug. Another proof is that Lyrica also causes symptoms when it is withdrawn.

As in the case of any other controlled substance, addiction can happen with Lyrica too. Lyrica is abused when body does not function properly after the medication ceases. When you feel that your intake of Lyrica is not adequate even after increasing the dosage, this could probably indicate that you are addicted to it. Under such circumstances you should consult your doctor as early as possible, because, getting addicted to Lyrica is a serious problem. It also requires treatment for you to get back to your original form. Lyrica is usually prescribed for seizures and nerve pain. It has also been proved through studies that Lyrica effectively treat anxieties. However, Lyrica is not approved for treating anxieties as it is a controlled substance. The more you depend on this drug, the more you become addicted to it. Therefore, the person using this drug feels to continue this drug even when it is not required medically.

We should also know how this addiction creeps in. Usually, if you are taking this drug on daily basis over a long period of time of if you use high dosages, there are possibilities for you to get addicted to it. Also, if you are already a drug user or a regular drinker, you may get addicted to this drug. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study well the clinical trials before they approve the medicine and make an assessment of its potential with regard to its abuse. When such studies were undertaken in the United States with respect to Lyrica, they gave a dose of Lyrica to drug abusers. The studies revealed that these people felt a good drug effect or that it was somewhat higher to a medication. Therefore, Lyrica was treated at par with diazepam (valium) in terms of its capacity. Lyrica produces a high not by acting in the parts or in the receptors of the brain as in the case of drug abuse. Therefore, it is not clear as to how Lyrica produces a high. Lyrica is a new medication and so it is not sure if it can take the shape of a drug of abuse.

There are some signs of Lyrica abuse. If Lyrica is withdrawn, the body may not able to function properly. The user suffers of withdrawal symptoms. People therefore develop an urge to stay on this drug due to these problems. They only want to get rid of the symptoms. Some take increased dosages of Lyrica or they feel that they cannot withdraw the drug. They should immediately seek help from their doctor, as addiction to this drug has serious repercussions. Even if they abuse Lyrica, they should be transparent to their doctors, so that necessary treatment can be initiated for them.

Conclusively, it is better to avoid long term usage of Lyrica and also in over-doses. Dependence on Lyrica should be reduced. However, the commencement of treatment with Lyrica or its withdrawal should be done after consulting the physician only.