About us

This site offers information about Lyrica (known also as Pregabalin). You can learn more about what is Lyrica, when to take it, and also what side effects and overdose symptoms has this medication. We also explain when to take Pregabalin.

The authors of this site are Rosca Lucian and Duguleana Mihai. Lucian was a student at "G.T Popa" Medical and Farmaceutical University in Iasi. He likes to read, listen to music and to spend time with his good friends. One of his friends sufferes from epilepsy, and started on Lyrica recently. Lucian tought that he can help other suffering people by making an informational site, so they could have a better idea about Lyrica is, how it can help with their problem.

If you are interested to contact Lucian or Mihai, you can use the information provided on the contact page.